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Welcome to WITH US

WITH US is a university-based nonprofit research center dedicated to preventing harm and lives lost to hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, sexual assault, hate and bias, and other forms of campus-based violence.

Based at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA., WITH US is led by a team of experienced researchers, prevention practitioners, and student affairs leaders.

Alongside our National Network of Education and Prevention Partners, WITH US leads innovative bystander intervention research, and develops resources and education programs to support students and educators in their prevention efforts.

Our Story

In 2008, Scott and Julia Starkey lost their son, Carson, to alcohol poisoning during a hazing incident during his freshman year. The Starkey family committed their lives and resources to prevent further tragedies and established Aware Awake Alive, a national non-profit dedicated alcohol poisoning prevention. It was their mission to equip youth and their communities with the tools and confidence to take care of each other and make better choices around alcohol.

Carson with his brother, Hayden

Aware Awake Alive programming has been implemented across the California State University System and on college and high school campuses nationwide.  They’ve worked in tandem with many national Greek organizations to shift culture and affect positive change in fraternity and sorority communities.  They’ve also had success in helping remove barriers for students to do the right thing through Good Samaritan Amnesty policies and legislation at the local and state level.

Since its inception, Cal Poly has been one of Aware Awake Alive’s greatest supporters and is now the home base for the organization.  

The Starkey family wanted to find ways to help address the many other critical social issues facing students and institutions of higher education.  

To broaden the influence and mission of Aware Awake Alive and build upon their successful peer-to-peer education and intervention model, a new organization was established: WITH US — The National Network for Peer Accountability.  

WITH US will maintain Aware Awake Alive as a signature program and will continue to offer awareness campaigns, resources, and other tools for free!

For free alcohol poisoning prevention resources and educational tools, visit


Our Vision

To inspire peer-led movements of accountability that promote health and safety, prevent violence, and empower proactive intervention to help others. We envision a society of healthy and safe campus communities where all students can thrive.

Our Mission

To be a leading platform for innovative research and effective peer-led prevention and bystander intervention strategies, resources, and education. We support students and educators in ending high-risk substance misuse and all forms of campus-based violence.

Our Commitment

OUTREACH - Build and maintain partnerships with students, families, educators, and student-supporting organizations to confront barriers to student health, safety, and success.

RESEARCH - Lead and share innovative research and program evaluation data to build prevention evidence base and improve effectiveness.

RESOURCES - Develop and share evidence-based bystander intervention strategies, tools, and resources to support campus communities in their prevention efforts.

EDUCATION - Provide training and education solutions for students and educators designed to shift attitudes, build skills, and change behaviors to create safer campus communities.

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Students, parents, educators, practitioners, universities, fraternities and sororities, and other student supporting organizations that are WITH US in our mission to promote positive bystander behaviors.

WITH US Prevention Partners

Leaders in public health, violence and substance misuse, bystander intervention, and community activism that collaborate alongside WITH US to develop and share research, resources, and education.

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